Study Center:
The Study Center is a structured study hall that offers academic support, organization skills, and study strategies. Student progress is monitored through daily assignment notebook checks and weekly grade trackers. Resources available include audio books, computers, course binders, textbooks, and tutoring from peers and Academic Services teachers. Students are placed in the Study Center based on the needs of the student. The Study Center is available for all students before and after school.

Test Center: 
The Test Center is a room attached to the Study Center that provides a place for students to receive testing accommodations. Testing accommodations include alternate setting, extended time, and tests read orally. A student must be on an SFCS Accommodation Plan in order to test in the Test Center.

SFCS Accommodation Plans:
An SFCS Accommodation Plan is for students who have a diagnosed disability or medical conditions that require accommodations to be successful in the classroom. The students must have updated documentation and educational impact for the process to begin. The Academic Services Coordinator meets with the student, parents, and teachers to determine what accommodations and services are needed. An official SFCS Accommodation Plan will be developed and implemented to meet the needs of the student. This plan will be monitored and updated yearly.

Peer Tutor Program: 
The Peer Tutor Program is a course that gives qualified students an opportunity to grow personally through peer tutoring. Peer tutors work with students in the Study Center individually and in small groups on homework and assessment preparation. Students interested in being a peer tutor must exemplify leadership, have strong academic ability, be willing to work with diverse students, and get approval from one of the counselors and the Academic Services Coordinator before registering. Peer Tutors are trained at the beginning of the semester by an Academic Services staff member. The course is a ½ credit and students are responsible for completing the weekly reflection questions and attend all three check-in meetings.

Please contact me for direction if your child is in need of additional academic assistance, classroom accommodations, or is interested in being a peer tutor.

Julie Murphy
O’Gorman High School Academic Services Coordinator
Phone: (605)575-3321

Achievement Academy:
Students looking for additional tutoring should explore resources available through the SFCS Achievement Academy.  The Achievement Academy is an academic program that serves children with a wide diversity of needs by offering families tutoring and testing in order to broaden and strengthen student achievement and success.  For more information please contact:

Amy Isaacson

Achievement Academy Director
Phone: (605)271-0133

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