Seniors travel by bus to St George Parish Center, Hartford. Their day focuses on their concerns of transition from high school to college. Speakers will present on the topics of keeping your faith alive in college, pitfalls of dorm life, and the saving power of service.  Students will be given the opportunity to participate in activities that play out scenarios they may encounter in college.  They will be challenged to discover how their decisions in every scenario lead them to holiness or to temptation.  The goal is to encourage them to take ownership of their physical, mental, and spiritual wellness with the hope that they will make the conscious decision to continue growing in faith and as a person with Christ at the center of their lives.

Juniors will be driving to the Cathedral.  Women will meet in the Cathedral parish hall and men will meet in the Cathedral school.  Two O’Gorman theology teachers will lead each side of the retreat.  Small group volunteers from nearby campuses generously give of their time, talents, and experience to guide the juniors through the day’s activities. The day addresses gender specific topics related to their baptismal identity as sons and daughters of God: the gifts of masculinity, femininity, and the challenges of living as Catholic men and women in the world. The women will discuss the truth of the beauty they are endowed with as God’s daughters. Through small group discussions and activities, they will be encouraged to confront the insecurities and lies about beauty that our culture teaches them and to find joy in living as Christ calls them. The men will spend the day focused on uncovering the truth about manhood.  They too will confront the lies that society impresses upon them.  Each activity and discussion will be aimed at changing their lives for Christ, to live authentically as Catholic men of God.

Sophomores participate in a service retreat. Preparation begins with classroom instruction, discussion, and reflection on the meaning of Christian Service the day before the retreat. Sophomores will meet in the OGHS Rec Center for Mass and will then be bused to service sites in the Sioux Falls parishes and Catholic grade schools.  The goal of the day is for students to encounter service in a new setting, to see how Christian service shares in the redemptive work of Christ, and to encourage students to take on Christian service as a lifelong habit whenever and wherever there is apparent need.

Freshmen participate in a retreat that focuses on their relationship with God, themselves and others.  Students will be challenged throughout the day to recognize God’s love for them through these relationships, and to consider how they are called to respond to God’s love for them. The activities and discussions of the day will help them to reflect on their first year at OG and to develop spiritual goals for the coming years at O’Gorman HS.

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