OGorman High School was named after Thomas O’Gorman, Bishop of the Diocese of Sioux Falls, SD from 1898 to 1921. Bishop O’Gorman was dedicated to the cause of Christian education. During his time as Bishop, he encouraged the building of eighteen parochial schools.

OGHS is a co-educational Catholic high school of grades nine through twelve with approximately 775 students from Sioux Falls and the surrounding area. It was established in 1961 to provide an opportunity for those wanting to add a faith dimension to their education.

OGorman is open to students who have successfully completed the eighth grade, have the ability to follow the course of study provided by the school, and have exemplary conduct.

Although students enrolling are not required to take an admissions exam, we are truly a college preparatory school. Over 97% of OGorman students go on to attend four-year colleges, with another 2% attending other post-secondary education.  Our school enjoys a diverse student body with regard to race, religious preference, as well as ethnic and socioeconomic backgrounds. It is financed by student tuition and fees, donations, and the nine Catholic parishes of Sioux Falls. Financial aid is available to families who qualify.

Schedule a Tour or Visit

Students interested in attending OGorman High School are encouraged to visit the school, and we would be happy to give a guided tour. During school visits, we like to give students and parents an opportunity to meet with an administrator and/or counselor, as well as coaches or advisors of particular activities that may be of interest to the student. We highly encourage you to schedule a tour or school visit in advance. Please call our Admissions Coordinator, Jenni Struck at (605) 575-3358 or email admissions@sfcss.org to arrange a time that is convenient for you.


Students interested in transferring to OGorman High School or who have recently relocated to Sioux Falls are invited to experience a typical day in the life of an OGHS student. A shadow day can be arranged by calling our Admissions Coordinator, Jenni Struck at (605) 575-3358 or email admissions@sfcss.org.  Shadow days must be scheduled in advance. Students may shadow with someone they already know, or we would be happy to match the student with an OG student who shares similar interests.

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