O’Gorman High School is blessed to have dedicated parishes, teachers, parents, alumni and friends striving to achieve a world-class education with a Christ-centered vision.  Together they have made O’Gorman High School one of the most effective Catholic high schools in the country.  It was on the shoulders of the religious, who kept Catholic schools alive for so many years, that the current and future strength of O’Gorman is built.  Although the challenges are many, making this early investment in youth remains the greatest hope for their spiritual, intellectual, and physical growth.

O’Gorman High School, a Blue Ribbon School of Excellence, continues to be recognized as a top 50 Catholic high school in the country as evidenced by our premier faith-based education offered to our students.  Our curriculum is reviewed annually for effectiveness against our goals/challenges, alignment with standards and comparative assessment data.  O’Gorman has been named by ACT as one of the top 1% of schools in the nation for rigor of coursework. Our students have the opportunity to earn college credit on our campus through our articulation with Mount Marty College and our instructors.

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