The purpose of Parent Advisory Board (PAB) is to discuss various programs, events, topics, and provide input to the principal.  In many ways the PAB serves as a non-policy making “sounding board” for the principal offering a parent’s perspective on various issues and topics.  Each PAB member is asked to bring comments, concerns and ideas from his or her parish to the meeting and then to bring information back to the representative groups or individuals. PAB will also provide planning and organizational help for many of the activities that are held for our students and staff.

* Serves as a sounding board and provide feedback to the principal
* Provide discussion, input and feedback on various programs, topics and issues
* Communicate to his or her parishes/individuals and serve as a communication vehicle to and from O’Gorman High School
* Participate as needed in our AdvancEd Accreditation planning and review
* Serves as our Career & Technical Education (CTE) Advisory Council
* Serve as a liaison between parents and administration
* Attend monthly meetings
* Inform appropriate parish and community members about PAB discussions and your role as a member
* Welcome new families to the Sioux Falls Catholic Schools community
* Make phone calls to current freshmen families
* Assist in the freshmen recruitment process (calling O’Gorman Junior High and religious education 8th grade students throughout the fall semester)
* Pray for O’Gorman High School faculty and support staff throughout the year
* Provide snacks, lunch and dinner to teachers during parent-teacher conferences
* Organize snacks for teacher and staff during Staff Appreciation Week (1st Week in May)

Committee Members:
Our PAB consists of three representatives from each parish and two non-catholic, “At Large” members. The members serve as liaisons between the school, the parishes and the non-catholic families . Each PAB member will serve for a period of three years.  At the end of the three year period, one representative from each parish will notify their parish priest about an opening.  The parish priest in conjunction with the PAB member will submit an ad in the parish bulletins soliciting interest.  Individuals interested in serving on the PAB will submit their name to their parish priest.  The parish priest will then make his recommendation to O’Gorman’s principal.  Members at-large will submit their names to O’Gorman’s principal for consideration.  The PAB representatives for each parish is placed on a rotating, three year term.

If you have questions, concerns or would be interested in volunteering, please contact your parish or at-large representative listed below.

Parent Advisory Board Members

Parent Advisory Board Members

Member at Large Connie Scott conniescott2228@gmail.com
Member at Large Maria Neely marianeely84@gmail.com
Christ the King Susan Connelly randysuec@msn.com 
Christ the King Martina Castle mkcastle395@gmail.com
Holy Spirit Kristin Ripperda kripperda@yahoo.com
Holy Spirit Tracee Beck tbeck95@sio.midco.net
Holy Spirit Veronica Houston vhouston62@yahoo.com
St. Joseph Cathedral Nancy Tapken-Mor tapkenfamily@msn.com
St. Joseph Cathedral Kathryn Muller muller6@vastbb.net
St. Katharine Drexel Karen Mikuska KMikuska@hotmail.com 
St. Katharine Drexel Erin Hericks aehericks@sio.midco.net
St. Katharine Drexel Matt Stork mjstork96@aol.com 
St. Lambert Kerry Rush-Olson kerryb@sio.midco.net
St. Lambert Tom Polak tppolak@sio.midco.net
St. Lambert Brenda Fiegen randb@sio.midco.net
St. Mary Mark Viehweg mark@v-testequipment.com
St. Mary Kristin LeGrand kklegrand@sio.midco.net
St. Mary Jayne Gaspari jandjgaspari@sio.midco.net
St. Michael Stephanie Spader tsspader@sio.midco.net
St. Michael Jason Cox jason.cox621@gmail.com
St. Therese Michelle Pellman pellman@alliancecom.net
School Board Liaison Dan Johnson djohnson@sfcatholic.org


Minutes will be posted after each month’s meeting starting in August of the current school year.